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No Fire samples


NO FIRE sample book


No one is ever sure that their story will be followed and shared as we would like. No one can predict how the market will welcome an idea, a collection, a product, but to make the unknown manifest, it is necessary to go beyond the boundaries with courage, enthusiasm and persistence.

This is how TENDAGGI PARADISO came up with NO FIRE.

Not just a collection

NOFIRE is not just a collection, it is a project that has blossomed to grow and evolve with time.

Not only technical textiles

NOFIRE is not only technical fabrics, it is a solution of high performance fabrics ideal for Contract and Naval.

Style, professionalism and synergy

NOFIRE is our style, our professionalism, our infrastructure in synergy with your projects.

The sample book

The choice of curtains is a matter of primary importance to ensure safety and hygiene. The fabrics in the NO FIRE catalogue are certified fireproof, i.e. developed from fireproof yarns and not from chemical treatments like many of the products on the market, soundproof and antibacterial . Thanks also to research and innovation, they are aesthetically pleasing and stylish, and there is the possibility of customisation, depending on the need for use.

The sample book consists of more than 500 variants of curtains and fully certified stock service fabrics.
In case of a subsequent order of our fabrics, the amount of the sample book will be fully deducted from the purchase total.


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