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NO FIRE Collection

Nourishing Greens

Crafted Contrasts

Sun-Kissed Browns

Timeless Blocking

to Light

Certified flame retardant fabrics

5 colour palettes
1 complete swatchbook

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Greens Nutrients
Colour Forecast S/S 22

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Lifestyle & Interiors

Handcrafted contrasts
Colour Forecast S/S 22

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Lifestyle & Interiors

Sun-kissed browns
Colour Forecast S/S 22

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Timeless colours
Colour Forecast S/S 22

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Lifestyle & Interiors

From dark to light
Colour Forecast S/S 22

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The NOFIRE collection is not limited to the usual 4/5 commodity bases, but is a truly complete range of flame retardant fabrics, complete with European and IMO Certifications.

The choice of curtains is a matter of primary importance for comfort, safety and hygiene. We develop certified flame retardant fabrics, developed from flame retardant yarns (and not from chemical treatments like many of the products on the market). Every fabric is a challenge to create the best product.

- why did we create the palettes?

1 1

Focusing on less for more

The aim is to focus on less to achieve the maximum result: attracting more consumer attention to the purchase in less time, but better. We review design processes to involve the least amount of intervention, highlighting the value and beauty of materials.

2 2

Colour traditions and techniques

We focus on the traditions and techniques of colour that are part of the local heritage, bringing them back to life through trendy combinations. We celebrate the many personalities of colour.

3 3

Classic and timeless quality

Colours that stand the test of time will be more important than ever. Classic and timeless quality define the different palettes, all presented in catalogues dedicated to the colour theme to be communicated.


Request NO FIRE swatchbook

Our sample book will help you to understand the basic differences between the various palettes and to choose the fabric that best suits your needs.

Thanks to research and innovation, our fire retardant fabrics from the NO FIRE collection are aesthetically beautiful and design-oriented. Experience the quality of NOFIRE fire retardant fabrics for yourself!

Our fabric and colour forecasts are grouped around the theme of emotional response, which will be the main driver of consumer needs in the coming years. We use the mood in which the product is presented, reinterpreting the palette that celebrates colours, combined with the creativity and quality of Made in Italy fabrics.

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- Paradise curtains

Tendaggi Paradiso was founded in Casnate in 1979 by Ernesto Castiglioni and his family to produce innovative fabrics.

The greatest value for Tendaggi Paradiso's business is an example of how excellence is part of our process and design, which correctly activated in the curtain and fabric sector has a high level of quality, accompanied by high company productivity.

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