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- Paradise curtains

About us

Tendaggi Paradiso was established in Casnate in 1979, as a result of the desire of Ernesto Castiglioni and his family to produce innovative, quality fabrics for curtains and home and contract furnishings.


The company

The company specialises in the production of curtains and decoration fabrics up to 340 cm in height: Organza, jacquard, fil coupè, and laser cut.

Today the company has: the warehouse and quality control department and the offices for the management of production progress in Cassina Rizzardi, the weaving mill in Guanzate.

- Quality, roots and future

Our mission

Day after day we produce a quality product, with one hand clasped to our roots and the other stretched out, open to the future; with the same passion and the same enthusiasm we carry on a great project, born from years of experience and matured thanks to a dedicated daily work.

Production capacity

The production capacity is 80,000 metres per month.
The distribution of the products is divided between Italy and abroad, reaching Europe, the countries of the former Soviet Union, South America and the Far East.


Forty per cent of our production is destined for the Italian market, while 60 per cent goes abroad: from Europe to the countries of the former Soviet Union, from South America to the Far East.

Commitment and passion

Wherever you are looking for a classy, quality product, we are ready to serve you with the passion and commitment that has always underpinned our work.

For us, competence also means putting the human factor at the centre.

- How we work

Our Expertise

When we talk about competence, we generally associate it with the meaning of "knowing how to do something well", being "prepared" and "expert" in a given field or activity. A very interesting nuance of the meaning of competent is that of "adequate, proportionate, appropriate". Competence is thus not directly proportional to the amount of knowledge and skills we possess, but rather to the ability to apply and adapt them to different situations and contexts.

our expertise